Strings 2014 (at Princeton University)

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source: GraduatePhysics     2014年7月26日
Talks held at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, June 23-27, 2014. Event website: http://physics.princeton.edu/strings2014

Edward Witten - Opening Remarks (Strings 2014) 5:08
Alessandro Tomasiello - New gravity duals for higher dimensional superconformal theories 28:51
Yuji Tachikawa - Recent advances in Supersymmetry 57:44
Arkady Tseytlin - Strings in AdS and their deformations 32:02
Cumrun Vafa - On 6d Supersymmetric Conformal Field Theories 38:50
Nicholas Warner - Resolving Black Holes via Microstate Geometries 30:36
Paul Steinhardt - What has been learned from BICEP2? 28:38
 Matias Zaldarriaga - The dawn of B mode cosmology 31:01
Timo Weigand - Mordell Weil torsion and matter spectra in F theory 27:18
Mikhail Vasiliev - Higher rank fields, currents and higher spin holography 25:49
Tadashi Takayanagi - Quantum Entanglement and Local Operators 25:51
Jaroslav Trnka - Four point scattering from Amplituhedron 28:19
Erik Tonni - Entanglement negativity in conformal field theory 25:46
Andrew Strominger - Quantum Gravity and String Theory: the Past, the Present, and the Future 17:24
Eva Silverstein - The powers of monodromy 33:16
Matthias Staudacher - N=4 Scattering Amplitudes and the Regularized Graßmannian 32:48
Stephan Stieberger - Unity of tree–level superstring amplitudes 29:28
Raman Sundrum - BTZ Black Holes and CFT 29:30
Ashoka Sen - Mass renormalization and vacuum shift in string theory 28:00
Joseph Polchinski - Black Hole Information: Spacetime versus Quantum Mechanics 1:02:01
Kyriakos Papadodimas - The black hole interior in AdS/CFT 30:30
Leonardo Rastelli - Chiar algebras and the superconformal bootstrap in four and six dimensions 32:10
Nikita Nekrasov - Nonperturbative Dyson Schwinger equations and novel symmetries of quantum field th 28:14
Mark van Raamsdonk - Gravitation from Entanglement 31:26
Suvrat Raju - State dependent operators and the information paradox 27:20
Andrew Neitzke - A smooth R^3 index for N=2 theories in four dimensions 30:47
Joseph Minahan - Three point correlators from string theory amplitudes 29:51
Greg Moore - Physical Mathematics and the Future 16:03
Arvind Murugan - Meromorphic functions and giant topology 25:36
Juan Maldacena - Geometry and quantum mechanics 12:52
Fernando Marchesano - F-term axion monodromy inflation 25:15
Marcos Marino - Non perturbative effects in M-theory 29:52
Robert Leigh - The Exact Renormalization Group and Higher Spin Holography 27:46
Hong Liu - Entanglement Tsunami 30:51
Carlos Mafra - The superstring 3-loop amplitude 30:31
Sangmin Lee - Scattering amplitudes in three dimensions 24:45
Sungjay Lee - RR Charge and Gamma Class 23:30
Zohar Komargodski - A Cardy like formula in four dimensions 26:01
John M. Kovac - Detection of B mode Polarization at Degree Angular Scales with BICEP2 35:43
David Kutasov - SUSY N=1 ADE Dynamics 29:19
Simeon Hellerman - String Theory of the Regge Intercept 26:41
Veronika Hubeny - Entanglement, Causality, Holography 36:16
Denis Klevers - Recent Progress on the Abelian Sector of F-theory 26:53
Shamit Kachru - Mock Modular Mathieu Moonshine 28:31
Masanori Hanada - Monte Carlo approach to string/M-theory 24:12
David Gross - A Perspective on String Theory 20:51
Michael Green - Through a Glass Darkly 19:04
Peter Graham - New methods for discovering light fields 27:32
Rajesh Gopakumar - From Higher Spins to Strings 32:57
Nikolay Gromov - Quantum spectral curve and AdS/CFT spectral problem 25:28
Davide Gaiotto - Topological properties of N=1 SYM 22:54
Jaume Gomis - Sphere Partition Functions, the Zamolodchikov Metric and Surface Operators 26:25
Jerome Gauntlett - Holographic Lattices, Metals and Insulators 29:23
Jonathan Mboyo Esole - Singularities and Gauge Theory Phases 26:42
Johanna Erdmenger - Applications of AdS/CFT to high energy and condensed matter physics 58:52
Daniel Freedman - Precision Tests of the AdS/CFT Correspondence 27:43
Atish Dabholkar - Quantum Black Holes and Quantum Holography 29:46
Louise Dolan - Amplitudes and the Scattering Equations, Proofs and Polynomials 26:51
Joseph Conlon - Moduli, a 0.1-1 keV Cosmic Axion Background and the Galaxy Cluster Soft Excess 28:40
Rancho Cordova - Toda CFT from Six Dimensions 20:48
Sera Cremonini - Probing the structure of quantum phases of matter with holography 28:21
Jan de Boer - The entropy of a hole in space time 29:24
Horacio Casini - Entropy inequalities and quantum field theory 30:24
Miranda Cheng - Umbral Moonshine and String Theory 28:06
Paul Chesler - Holographic perspectives on the Kibble Zurek mechanism 25:18
Philip Anderson - Hidden geometry in heterotic string and F-theory compactifications 29:40
Benjamin Basso - Scattering amplitudes at strong coupling beyond the area paradigm 27:07
Daniel Baumann - B-modes and the Nature of Inflation 25:18
Piotr Bizon - Gravitational turbulent instability of AdS_5 32:58
Freddy Cachazo - Scattering Equations 33:03
Raphael Bousso - A Proof of the Covariant Bound 30:06

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