Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods, IAP 2012 by Earll Murman at MIT

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MIT 16.660J / ESD.62J / 16.853 Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods, IAP 2012
This course covers principles, practices and tools of Lean Six Sigma methods. This updated video collection, from the 2012 course, includes new lectures and active learning exercises, and complements some prior years' videos per the OCW course website.
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Ses. 1-2: The Start of Your Lean Journey This session introduces the process of Lean and Six Sigma. It includes a 6S exercise demonstrating the benefits of six sigma in optimizing operations by sorting, securing safety, straightening, scrubbing, standardizing and sustaining these changes. 1:00:49
1-3: Lean Thinking: Part I 43:19
1-3: Lean Thinking: Part II 39:04
1-5: People: The Heart of Lean 48:52
1-6: Value Stream Mapping Basics 33:38
1-7 | MIT 16.660 Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods, January (IAP) 2008 37:08
2-1: Lean healthcare simulation (covers 2-1, 2-3, and 2-5) 17:29
2-2: Continuous Process Improvement, Healthcare Option 38:12
2-4: Improving the Enterprise, Healthcare Option 34:01
3-2: Variability Simulation 35:50
3-3 Lean for Healthcare: An Overview 1:07:08
3-4: A3 Thinking 24:47
3-5: Quality Tools and Topics 26:15
3-6: Six Sigma Basics 35:58