Spirit Release Therapy with Terence Palmer

source: New Thinking Allowed     2016年10月20日
Terry Palmer, PhD, is author of The Science of Spirit Possession. He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research as well as the Scientific and Medical Network. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Here he points out that practitioners such as William Baldwin, Edith Fiore, Alan Sanderson, and Shakuntale Modi initiated the modern tradition of spirit release therapy. This is a tradition based on ancient practices. However, in modern times, it exists on the fringes of the psychotherapy field. Spirit release therapy can be conducted remotely. It entails the cooperation of helpful spirit guides and often requires the assistance of a spiritualist medium. While the practice may seem metaphysical and unscientific, Palmer is attempting to establish an archive of case studies. He feels that this approach should be judged by the pragmatic standards of William James.

New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, is author of The Roots of Consciousness, Psi Development Systems, and The PK Man. Between 1986 and 2002 he hosted and co-produced the original Thinking Allowed public television series. He is the recipient of the only doctoral diploma in "parapsychology" ever awarded by an accredited university (University of California, Berkeley, 1980). He is also past-president of the non-profit Intuition Network, an organization dedicated to creating a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate and apply their inner, intuitive abilities.
(Recorded on May 17, 2016)

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