Culture and Brain symposium (Karolinska Institute)

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source: karolinskainstitutet      2016年6月22日

Culture and Brain symposium: Chapter 5 55:30
Culture and Brain symposium: Chapter 1 19:08
Culture and Brain symposium: Chapter 3 56:56
Culture and Brain symposium: Chapter 4 1:48:49
Culture and Brain symposium: Chapter 6 39:09
Elvira Brattico 1:05:12
Fredril Ullén 1:00:41
[deleted video]
Mary Helen Immordino Yang 52:13
Culture and Brain-lecture: Åsa Nilsonne 47:13
Culture and Brain-lecture: Margaret Livingstone 58:29
Culture and Brain-lecture: Eckart Altenmüller 47:34
Eric S Shinwell: The future of biology 36:24
Culture and brain lecture: Hugo Lagercrantz 54:13
KI Töres intervju 9:43
Eric R Kandel 2 1:02:17
What is Life Seminar: Andrew Melzoff 47:22
What is life-lecture: Eric R Kandel 50:22
Interview with Madeleine E. Hackney 7:06
Madeleine Hackney: Dance in treatment of Parkinsons disease 51:57
Interview with Teppo Särkmö 6:50
Teppo Särkmö: Music and literature in stroke rehabilitation 1:12:06
Robert Zatarre: From Perception to Pleasure: Music and its neural substrates 54:21
Torkel Klinberg: Development and plasticity of working memory 42:15
Gunnar Bjursell 1:07:30
Interview Fredrik Ullén 10:30

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