Alfredo Jaar. Art today. How to? 2016

source: European Graduate School Video Lectures   2016年10月2日
http://www.egs.edu Alfredo Jaar, Chilean artist, architect, and filmmaker who presently lives and works in New York. Professor at The European Graduate School / EGS. Public open lecture for the students of the Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought at the European Graduate School EGS. Saas-Fee Switzerland and Valetta/Malta. March 31 2016.
Alfredo Jaar's oeuvre is unquestionably politically motivated, often exploring the very notions of politics, ethics, and representation, and complex issues such as genocide, political corruption, humanitarian crises, and the relationship between geography, power, and exploitation. Alfredo Jaar is a devoted educator, and has made approximately sixty public interventions in his career. For him, there is a strong connection between art and thinking: “I strongly believe that artists are thinkers, as opposed to object makers. My working process is 99% thinking and 1% making. That thinking process is at the core of what I do and this process is always triggered by a specific site or issue. In my career, I have been incapable of creating a single work of art out of nothing. That is why I am not a studio artist: I define myself as a project artist. I try to propose, with my projects, a creative model that responds to the particulars of a given situation. That model can then be projected into the world. I believe that this is what artists do: with each project we propose a new conception of the world; and that new conception is a new way of looking at the world. That is why I believe that we create models of thinking the world.”

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