ZuriHac 2016

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source: GoogleTechTalks    2016年9月6日
A Google TechTalk, July 23, 2016, presented by Alexander Thiemann
ABSTRACT: This talk will give an insight on web development using the Haskell web framework «Spock» (https://www.spock.li ). It will give a short overview of the possibilities like type-safe routing, hyperlinks, sessions, database queries, templates and JSON parsing/generation and then we will also look at a technique to build a full stack application with Spock and GHCJS as used in production in TramCloud.

ZuriHac 2016: Spock - Powerful Elegant Web Applications 33:11
ZuriHac 2016: Functional Programming at LumiGuide 44:05
ZuriHac 2016: Monad Homomorphisms 1:10:07
ZuriHac 2016 - Low-level Haskell: An Interactive Tour Through the STG 1:03:29
ZuriHac 2016: Generic (and type-level) Programming with Generics-sop 1:10:24
ZuriHac 2016 - Meet Hadrian: A New Build System for GHC 36:47
ZuriHac 2016: Parallelizing and Distributing Scientific Software in Haskell 29:24

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