Sliver of a Full Moon || Radcliffe Institute

source: Harvard University    2015年12月10日
Sliver of a Full Moon is a powerful reenactment of the historic congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 2013: a movement that restored the authority of tribal governments to prosecute non-Native abusers who assault and abuse Native women on tribal lands.
Written by Mary Kathryn Nagle (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma)
Directed by Betsy Theobald Richards (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma)
1:28:48 Immediately following the performance is a panel discussion moderated by Daniel Carpenter, director of the Social Sciences Program, Radcliffe Institute, and
Allie S. Freed Professor of Government, Harvard University. Joseph William Singer, the Bussey Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, introduces the panel, which includes:
Maggie McKinley (Fond du Lac Chippewa), a Climenko Fellow and a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School;
Mary Kathryn Nagle (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), a playwright; and
Angela Riley (Citizen Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma), the Oneida Indian Nation
Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

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