Russell's Theory of Descriptions (1-3) by Kane B

source: Kane B    2013年8月11日
This series is a basic introduction to Russell's theory of descriptions. In this video, we begin by considering some puzzles about singular terms.
Re the distinctions listed at 5:44 : If you're at all unclear about any of these, I introduce all three of them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L4GBn... .
As for my claims regarding on which side of the distinctions (3) and (4) fall, of course there are questionable and have been questioned. It has been held, for example, that identity statements such as "Robert Zimmerman = Bob Dylan" are necessary, not contingent. The very distinction between analytic and synthetic statements has been challenged. Some empiricist philosophers (Mill is the most famous example) have held that even logical truths such as A=A (Robert Zimmerman = Robert Zimmerman) are contingent, a posteriori, synthetic. Etc.
What's clear, though, is that there is some prima facie difference in meaning between (3) and (4), and it's difficult for the commonsense view of singular terms to account for this difference.

Russell's Theory of Descriptions 1 - Some Puzzles A basic introduction to Russell's Theory of Descriptions. 14:40
Russell's Theory of Descriptions 2 - Frege & Meinong 27:30
Russell's Theory of Descriptions 3 28:40

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