Raymond C. Rumpf: Short Course on Generating Spatially-Variant Lattices (U of Texas at El Paso)

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source: CEM Lectures   2015年5月29日
This playlist is a series of nine sessions on a computer using MATLAB and Blender to generate and manipulate spatially-variant lattices. The series steps the listener through every line of code in MATLAB to generate and visualize spatially-variant lattices, including saving them to the industry standard STL file format. Two computer sessions are dedicated to using Blender to open the STL files and to manipulate them.
It is assumed that the listener has worked through the theory lectures before listening to these. The website for the course is http://emlab.utep.edu/scSVL.htm

Lecture 1 (SVL) -- Introduction to spatially-variant lattices This short lecture introduces the concept of spatially-variant lattices and outlines why the topic is important. 25:13
Lecture 2 (SVL) -- Generating spatially-variant planar gratings 33:15
Lecture 3 (SVL) -- Generating spatially-variant lattices 47:51
Lecture 4 (SVL) -- MATLAB to CAD 34:15
Session 1 (SVL) -- Generating uniform planar gratings in MATLAB 19:46
Session 2 (SVL) -- Generating spatially-variant planar gratings 30:02
Session 3 (SVL) -- Demonstration of 2D Fourier expansion 46:20
Session 4 (SVL) -- Generating spatially-variant lattices 1:09:01
Session 5 (SVL) -- MATLAB to CAD for 2D Objects 18:39
Session 6 (SVL) -- Handling 2D lattices in Blender 4:44
Session 7 (SVL) -- Generating 3D Spatially-Variant Lattices 1:04:14
Session 8 (SVL) -- MATLAB to CAD for 3D Lattices 14:47
Session 9 (SVL) -- Handling 3D Lattices in Blender 9:24

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