Philosophy of Colour by Kane B

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source: Kane B   2016年5月27日
In this series, I will introduce various philosophical theories of colour. However, in order to understand the philosophy of colour, it is important to have at least a basic grasp of colour science. This video briefly outlines: the physical causes of colour; the structure of the retina; two central theories of colour perception, the trichromatic theory and the opponent-process theory; and the phenomenon of colour constancy.
The majority of this video was drawn from "Color for Philosophers" by C.L. Hardin and "Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain" by Bear, Connors, and Paradiso, chapter 9 ("The Eye").

Philosophy of Colour 1 - Colour Science 44:43
Philosophy of Colour 2.1 - Reductionism 1 39:15
Philosophy of Colour 2.2 - Reductionism 2 41:07
Philosophy of Colour 3.1 - Primitivism 1 34:28
Philosophy of Colour 3.2 - Primitivism 2 33:17

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