Maureen Long: "Earthquakes, Volcanoes, & Tsunamis, Oh My! The Science of Natural Disasters"

source: Yale University    2016年9月27日
Science on Saturdays at Yale - Maureen Long - Earthquakes, Volcanoes, & Tsunamis, oh My! The Science of Natural Disasters
When the earth twitches buildings fall, volcanoes erupt, and killer waves reshape the ocean shore. Join us this Saturday to learn from Professor Maureen Long about how earth scientists use the theory of plate tectonics to understand and prepare for geologic disasters. Science on Saturdays is an award-winning lecture series that features scientists whose passion for their work inspires us all. Each event involves a lecture by a Yale professor and engaging science demonstrations by Yale college students. Science on Saturdays provides an opportunity for Yale scientists and residents of New Haven and beyond to come together over a shared sense of wonder.

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