Jason Wu & Martha Hunt: "The Evolution of Fashion" | Talks At Google

source: Talks at Google    2016年9月1日
Fashion Designer Jason Wu and supermodel Martha Hunt discuss the new era of fashion.
Known for dressing first lady Michelle Obama and a host of celebrity friends, building a cult following with his namesake collection, serving as Creative Director for Hugo Boss, and recently launching a new sister collection called GREY Jason Wu, Jason Wu has become one of the leading American design talents.
Supermodel Martha Hunt started her fashion career around the same time as Jason and made one of her first runway appearances in a Jason Wu show. A Victoria’s Secret model who has also appeared in countless runway shows and advertising campaigns, plus a Taylor Swift music video, Martha has gained a global following with her grounded personality and business and technology savvy.
As successful, young, fashion industry veterans, Jason and Martha explore how they have navigate some of the challenges and changes in the fashion industry and give their perspective on the shifting future of fashion.

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