Hilary Putnam Interview on Philosophy of Science (Subtitles Available)

source: Philosophical Overdose    2015年11月9日
Bryan Magee and Hilary Putnam discuss the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mathematics. An introductory overview is given of some of the conceptual issues which arise regarding the nature of knowledge and science including demarcation, methodology, foundations, as well as the notion of truth and objectivity, the fact-value dichotomy, inductive logic, reductionism, materialism, etc.
Hilary Putnam was an American philosopher, mathematician, and computer scientist who was a central figure in analytic philosophy. He made important contributions in logic, philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science and mathematics.

I recommend his book "Reason, Truth, and History" which can be found online here:https://ia902606.us.archive.org/23/it...
This interview is from a 1978 BBC program. Transcript/subtitles are available.

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