Heidegger & the Truth of Being by Richard Capobianco

source: Philosophical Overdose     2013年2月3日
Heidegger's well-known expression 'the truth of Being,' which dates to the 1930's, has its origins in his work during the 1920s and especially in his elucidations of Aristotle's "Metaphysics". Heidegger's understanding of Being as manifestive and therefore as true, leads him to critique all later philosophical positions on the proper locus of 'truth.' The presentation examines these early issues in his work—but only by way of bringing back into view what has been lost sight of in many contemporary readings of Heidegger, namely, that the core matter of Heidegger's thinking (including his discussion of Ereignis) is the manifestness of Being.
This talk was given by Richard Capobianco at the Catholic University of America in 2011.

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