Erich Fromm: The Automaton Citizen and Human Rights (1-3)

source: Eidos84      2010年12月11日
Erich Fromm lectures on 'The Automaton Citizen and Human Rights', at the American Orthopsychiatric Association (1966). Fromm discusses the importance of psychiatry and clinical psychology in examining the individual's experience of alienation in modern consumer society. For Fromm, alienation is fundamentally opposed to the basic human right 'to be one's self'. As regards psychology, Fromm claims 'that the psychiatrist and the clinical psychologist have an important task - that is, not to be over-impressed by individual sickness but to think of man as a total being, and of applying their basic findings to the pathology of normalcy which threatens to undermine the very rights which we are so proud of having achieved.'

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