Next in Science | Oceans | Part 2 || Radcliffe Institute

source: Harvard University    2016年7月19日
The "Next in Science" program provides an opportunity for early-career scientists whose innovative, cross-disciplinary research is thematically linked to introduce their work to one another, to fellow scientists, and to nonspecialists from Harvard and the greater Boston area. The focus of this year’s program will be on the world’s oceans.
Introduced by John Huth, faculty codirector of the science program, Radcliffe Institute, and Donner Professor of Science, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
(2:31) "The Origin of Earth's Water"
Lydia Hallis, Marie Curie Research Fellow, School of Geographical and Earth Science, University of Glasgow
(37:50) "The Fate of the Gulf Stream"
Ben Harden, assistant professor of oceanography, Sea Education Association
(1:04:51) Q&A

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