Building Dynamic Websites by David Malan at Harvard Summer school

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source: Asim Ali    2014年4月9日
This is complete course of Harvard Summer school "Building Dynamic Websites". Enjoy Lecture videos with this great instructor David J. Malan. After taking this course, you will be able to understand how modern websites are made and work. You will also be able to make your own.

Lecture 0 "HTTP" 1:46:20
Lecture 1 "PHP" 1:42:01
Lecture 1 "PHP" 2:07:59
Lecture 2 "PHP Continued" 2:27:25
Lecture 3 "MVC, XML" 2:14:47
Lecture 4 "SQL" 2:04:45
Lecture 5 "SQL Continued" 1:42:35
Lecture 6 "Javascript" 1:50:32
Lecture 7 "AJAX" 2:01:02
Lecture 8 "SECURITY" 1:34:11
Lecture 9 "SCALABILITY" 1:45:41

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