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source: Talks at Google    2016年7月19日
NASA is on a journey to Mars, and we are closer to reaching the Red Planet with human explorers than we have ever been in our history. Across the country, and around the world, NASA and its partners are working right now on the technologies and missions that will enable human “boots on Mars” in the 2030s.
We are testing advanced technologies for the next giant leaps of exploration. From solar electric propulsion to cutting edge life support systems, to the first crops grown in space, the journey to Mars is already unfolding in tangible ways across NASA today for tomorrow. Other breakthrough technologies we need are moving from drawing boards to development.
The agency’s strategic approach involves developing capabilities in three stages – from missions close to Earth involving commercial partners and the International Space Station, advancing to missions in Earth–Moon orbit, or deep space, using the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft, and finally moving on to Mars, where explorers will be practically independent from spaceship Earth.
The innovation required to achieve a human mission to Mars cuts across science, human exploration and technology. It builds on what has gone before, while driving the next advances. Our journey to Mars inspires educators and students by investing in new leaders ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s missions.
On behalf of Talks at Google Dava Newman was hosted by Boris Debic.

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