Natural History of Dinosaurs by Benjamin Burger at Utah State University

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source: Benjamin Burger   2016年1月5日
Natural History of Dinosaurs by paleontologist Benjamin Burger, Assistant Professor at Utah State University Uintah Basin Campus.
To learn more about Benjamin Burger: benjamin-burger.org
To learn more about taking a class at Utah State University: uintahbasin.usu.edu or geology.usu.edu

Introduction to the Natural History of Dinosaurs Video Series 10:27
How to fossilize a dinosaur 13:33
How do you get a dinosaur into a museum 17:38
How to find a dinosaur 4:50
Which rocks have dinosaurs? 4:05
Bad vs. Good dinosaur paleontologists 7:22
When did the dinosaurs live? 6:15
How do we know that dinosaurs are millions of years old? 11:15
Dating Rocks with Fossils 4:12
What did Earth look like during the age of Dinosaurs? 8:38
What was the climate like during the age of Dinosaurs? 6:59
What is convergent evolution? 6:03
What is a dinosaur species? 10:20
How do you read a phylogenetic tree of dinosaurs? 6:40
How to compare dinosaur cladograms? 3:53
How to find information about Dinosaurs? 16:01
Do dinosaurs evolve? 9:55
Do you know all the bones found in a dinosaur? 9:56
What is a dinosaur? 19:36
What is the difference between bird and lizard hipped dinosaurs? 6:22
Who were the first dinosaurs? 15:47
Who were the Ornithischian dinosaurs? 9:55
Did some dinosaurs chew? 6:28
Who were the Armored Dinosaurs? 18:39
How did Stegosaurus have sex? 7:49
What unites the Marginocephalian Dinosaurs? 4:10
Did Dinosaurs Butt Heads? 5:29
The Great Mystery of the Ceratopsian Dinosaurs 9:26
What were the Horns and Frills on Dinosaurs used for? 3:57
What are the Two Groups of North American Ceratopsidae? 10:26
Who were the Ornithopod dinosaurs? 20:10
What did Dinosaurs Sound Like? 4:57
What did the Ornithopod Dinosaurs Eat? 5:06
How Many Babies did Dinosaurs have? 3:22
Before they were Big! The Protosauropoda dinosaurs 11:09
How did Dinosaurs get to be so BIG? 7:24
Who were the Sauropod Dinosaurs? 14:00
Who was the BIGGEST dinosaur? 18:11
Who were the theropod dinosaurs? 3:05
How do we group the Theropod Dinosaurs? 31:22
How did dinosaurs hunt? 5:19
Could you out run a Tyrannosaurus rex? 5:00
Were dinosaurs pack-hunters? 4:43
When did Dinosaurs get Feathers? 9:06
The Bones of a Living Dinosaur 10:15
Did Velociraptor look like a bird, or a dinosaur? 3:55
How did birds originate from dinosaurs? 8:27
How did Flight Evolve in Dinosaurs? 3:20
Were there birds living during the age of dinosaurs? 17:59
Were dinosaurs warm or cold blooded? Or something else? 4:46
What evidence is there for Warm Blooded Dinosaurs? 13:33
How fat and how fast were dinosaurs? 5:18
How fast did Dinosaurs Grow? 7:00
How many dinosaurs are there? 10:22
When was the "Golden Age of Dinosaurs"? 3:43
What did Plants look like during the Age of Dinosaurs? 7:12
A Timeline of Dinosaur Discoveries 38:43
How realistic are your Dinosaurs? 17:18
What is left to discover about dinosaurs? 4:20
How did the dinosaurs become extinct? 17:31

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