Fundamentals of Transport Processes by V. Kumaran (IISc Bangalore)

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source: nptelhrd     2012年6月19日
Chemical - Fundamentals of Transport Processes by Prof. V. Kumaran, Department of Chemical Engineering, IISc Bangalore. For more details on NPTELvisit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction 58:04
Lec-02 Dimensional Analysis 58:33
Lec-03 Dimensional Analysis contd. 58:19
Lec-04 Physical Interpretation of Dimensional Groups 58:12
Lec-05 Continuum description 57:15
Lec-06 Mechanisms of diffusion - I 57:55
Lec-07 Mechanisms of diffusion - II 57:05
Lec-08 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - I 57:52
Lec-09 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - II Similarity Solutions 57:09
Lec-10 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - III Similarity Solutions 56:21
Lec-11 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - IV Seperation of Variables 55:36
Lec-12 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - V Seperation of Variables 57:13
Lec-13 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - VI Oscillatory Flows 56:07
Lec-14 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - VII Momentum Source in the Flow 57:10
Lec-15 Unidirectional Transport Cartesian Coordinates - VIII Heat & Mass Sources 56:51
Lec-16 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - I Conservation Equations 57:12
Lec-17 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - II Similarity Solutions 56:47
Lec-18 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - III Seperation of Variables 57:15
Lec-19 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - IV Steady flow in a pipe 57:04
Lec-20 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - V Oscillatory flow in a pipe 53:52
Lec-21 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - VI 55:01
Lec-22 Unidirectional Transport Cylindrical Coordinates - VII 56:06
Lec-23 Unidirectional Transport Spherical Coordinates - I Balance Equation 57:35
Lec-24 Unidirectional Transport Spherical Coordinates - II Seperation of Variables 57:30
Lec-25 Mass & Energy Conservation Cartesian Coordinates 57:17
Lec-26 Mass & Energy Conservation Cartesian Coordinates Heat Conduction in a Cube 56:11
Lec-27 Mass & Energy Conservation Spherical Coordinates Balance Laws 58:04
Lec-28 Mass & Energy Conservation Cylindrical Coordinates 56:25
Lec-29 Diffusion Equation Spherical Co-ordinates Seperation of Variables 56:23
Lec-30 Diffusion Equation Spherical Co-ordinates Seperation of Variables contd. 57:13
Lec-31 Diffusion Equation Spherical Co-ordinates Effective Conductivity of a Composite 57:58
Lec-32 Diffusion Equation Spherical Harmonics 58:22
Lec-33 Diffusion Equation Delta Functions 57:50
Lec-34 Diffusion Equation Multipole Expansions 58:25
Lec-35 Diffusion Equation Oreens Function Formulations 58:27
Lec-36 High Peclet Number Transport Flow Past a Flat Plate 58:37
Lec-37 High Peclet Number Transport Heat Transfer from a Spherical Particle - I 56:42
Lec-38 High Peclet Number Transport Heat Transfer from a Spherical Particle - II 58:37
Lec-39 High Peclet Number Transport Heat Transfer from a Gas Bubble 58:02
Lec-40 Summary 58:17

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