Chemical Engineering Principles of CVD Processes by R. Nagarajan (IIT Madras)

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source: nptelhrd     2015年12月23日
Chemical - Chemical Engineering Principles of CVD Processes by Dr. R. Nagarajan, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction 33:51
Lec-02 CVD Reactor & Process Design Fundamentals 48:58
Lec-03 Overview of CVD Process Fundamentals 47:14
Lec-04 Basics of Chemical Equilibrium Calculations & Flow Dynamics 44:15
Lec-05 Introduction to CVD Films 48:43
Lec-06 Film Structure & Properties 48:20
Lec-07 Pressure Effects on CVD Processes 43:50
Lec-08 CVD of Metals 45:08
Lec-09 CVD of Coatings 47:40
Lec-10 CVD Film Property Measurements 50:08
Lec-11 CVD Film Property Measurements: Qualitative & Quantitative 45:31
Lec-12 CVD in Tungsten Filament Lamps 47:08
Lec-13 CVD in Tungsten Filament Lamps: Design Aspects 43:02
Lec-14 CVD in Hot Corrosion 46:25
Lec-15 CVD Transport Phenomena: Conservation Equations 39:34
Lec-16 CVD Transport Phenomena: Constitutive Laws 42:51
Lec-17 CVD Transport Phenomena: Mass Transfer Mechanisms 46:59
Lec-19 CVD Transport Phenomena: Effect of Homogeneous Reactions on MTAC 47:16
Lec-21 CVD Applications: Aerosol CVD (ACVD) 45:58
Lec-22 CVD Applications: CVD of Silicon 44:52
Lec-23 CVD Applications: CVD in Free-Molecular Flow Regime (FMFR) 45:15
Lec-24 CVD Applications: CVD of nano-Structured Films 34:04
Lec-25 CVD Overview 18:19
Lec-29 Basics of Nano-Structured Material Synthesis: Part I 45:42
Lec-30 Basics of Nano-Structured Material Synthesis: Part II 50:16

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