Embedded software testing by Madhukeshwara H M

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source: nptelhrd     2015年6月17日
Electronics - Embedded software testing by Madhukeshwara H M, HCL Technologies, Bangalore. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Embedded Systems Basics Session 1 21:29
Lec-02 Embedded Systems BAsics Session 1 Contd.. 47:54
Lec-03 Prerequistics for Embedded Systems Testing 1:02:03
Lec-04 Test Case Designa and procedures1:31:51
Lec-05 Test Standards 58:49
Lec-06 Depicting Levels of Testing 1:04:58
Lec-07 Depicting Levels of Testing 56:35
Lec-08 Software Life Cycle 54:01
Lec-09 Embedded V-Model Life Cycle Contd.. 53:51
Lec-10 Embedded V-Model Life Cycle contd.. 56:22
Lec-11 Master Test Planning 1:01:41
Lec-12 Dynamic Testing 1:07:01
Lec-13 Black Box Testing 59:17
Lec-14 Black Box Testing 49:21
Lec-15 Black Box Testing54:50
Lec-16 Black Box Testing 58:26
Lec-17 Model Based Design Intro. 53:32
Lec-18 Dynamic Testing 57:05
Lec-19 Dynamic Testing 58:17
Lec-20 White box Testing 1:03:02
Lec-21 White Box Testing 52:03
Lec-22 Grey-box testing 1:02:33
Lec-23 Static Testing 1:00:19
Lec-24 Static Analysis 1:03:20
Lec-25 Static Analysis.. 1:01:44
Lec-26 Static Analysis.. 1:03:16
Lec-27 Test Metrics 58:58
Lec -28 Software Testing Metrics 56:12
Lec-29 Depicting Levels of Testing 1:01:21
Lec-30 Integration Test Strategy 1:00:52
Lec-31 Integration Tests Environment 1:02:34
Lec-32 Use Case Diagram 34:49
Lec-33 Configure Management Elements 55:42
Lec-34 SCM Activities 57:58
Lec-35 Test Management Tool 45:41
Lec-36 SCM Activities Contd.. 1:06:11
Lec-37 Overview Lecture 1 59:51
Lec-38 Unit Testing 16:21
Lec-39 Unit Testing Contd.. 27:49
Lec-40 Understading C++ 54:05
Lec-41 Unit Testing 42:08
Lec-42 Level Testing 47:32
Lec-43 Identify Test Cases 14:09

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