Chemical - Microscale Transport Processes (IIT Kharagpur)

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source: nptelhrd     2013年7月16日
Microscale Transport Processes by Prof. S. Dasgupta, Dr. Somnath Ganguly, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction 50:59
Lec-02 Introduction (Contd.) 56:22
Lec-03 Lab on Chip 53:30
Lec-04 Lab on Chip (Contd.) 54:24
Lec-05 Microscale manufacturing practices 53:10
Lec-06 Photolithography 52:42
Lec-07 Photolithography (contd.) 55:29
Lec-08 Deposition 56:38
Lec-09 Plastic microfluidic devices 59:33
Lec-10 Mixing 54:34
Lec-11 Micro Heat Pipes 57:50
Lec-12 Mixing (contd.) 56:48
Lec-13 Mixing (contd.) 55:29
Lec-14 Micro Heat Pipes (contd.) 53:11
Lec-15 Mixing (contd.) 55:56
Lec-16 Dispersion 57:11
Lec-17 Dispersion (contd.) 54:28
Lec-18 Dispersion (contd.) 55:16
Lec-19 Electrowetting 53:58
Lec-20 Electro osmosis 57:04
Lec-21 Electrowetting (contd.) 55:38
Lec-22 Electro osmosis (contd.) 54:53
Lec-23 Dielectrophoresis 55:57
Lec-24 Dielectrophoresis (contd.) 54:44
Lec-25 Dielectrophoresis (contd.) 53:38
Lec-26 Scaling dimension and issues 54:08
Lec-27 Slip flow 53:24
Lec-28 Microstructured reactor 58:55
Lec-29 Immiscible flow in microchannel 54:23
Lec-30 Immiscible flow in microchannel (contd.) 54:08
Lec-31 Immiscible flow in microchannel (contd.) 55:49
Lec-32 Scaling dimension and issues (contd.) 55:36
Lec-33 Immiscible flow in microchannel (contd.) 57:18
Lec-34 Plastic device making 57:05
Lec-35 Transport processes and their descriptions 58:19
Lec-36 Convective fluid dynamics in microchannels 58:02
Lec-37 Microfluidic networks 58:35
Lec-38 Electrohydrodynamic atomization 57:26
Lec-39 Electrohydrodynamic atomization (contd.) 57:29
Lec-40 Interfacial phenomena in thin liquid films 58:20

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