Analog Circuits by A. N. Chandorkar (IIT Bombay)

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source: nptelhrd    2015年12月15日
Electronics - Analog Circuits by Prof. A.N. Chandorkar, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction to Analog Circuits - An Overview 1:04:35
Lec-02 Two Parts of Review of Analog Filter Approximation 1:19:42
Lec-03 BJT Small Signal Model 1:17:14
Lec-04 BJT Small Signal Model [Continuation from Lecture 3] 1:14:20
Lec-05 MOS Circuit Model 1:07:43
Lec-06 Biasing of Circuits 1:11:18
Lec-07 Amplifiers 1:14:46
Lec-08 MOS Amplifiers 1:05:04
Lec-09 Cascode Amplifier 1:09:18
Lec-10 Frequency Response of Amplifier 1:10:21
Lec-11 Frequency Response of Amplifier 56:29
Lec-12 Frequency Response of Amplifier 1:19:01
Lec-13 Frequency Response of Amplifier 1:03:49
Lec-14 Differential Amplifier 1:16:55
Lec-15 Differential Amplifier 1:02:11
Lec-16 Differential Amplifier 1:10:48
Lec-17 Feedback Theory 1:05:04
Lec-18 Feedback Theory 1:18:07
Lec-19 OPAMP Circuits 1:17:05
Lec-20 OPAMP Circuits 1:07:25
Lec-21 Active RC Filters 1:12:53
Lec-22 Active Filters 1:08:18
Lec-23 Oscillators 1:05:58
Lec-24 Oscillators 1:14:05
Lec-25 DAC/ADC 1:03:49

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