Richard Sennett, "Interiors and Interiority"

source: Harvard GSD    2016年4月26日
Richard Sennett's talk will trace how intimate physical spaces emerged, historically; he will explore the relationship between the concepts "inside" and "subjective" and whether interior spaces and interiority are disappearing today, under the influence of social media.
A faculty member at New York University and the London School of Economics, Sennett gave his most recent public talk at the GSD in 2012, when he was the Loeb Fellowship Program's Senior Scholar. Since his first books on the city and the family, published in 1969, he has authored numerous studies in cultural sociology, including The Culture of the New Capitalism (Yale, 2005); The Craftsman (Yale, 2008); and Together: The Rituals, Pleasures, and Politics of Cooperation (Yale, 2012). He is also an accomplished musician and the author of the novels An Evening of Brahms (Knopf 1984) and Palais-Royal (Knopf, 1987).
His talk is part of the Symposium on Architecture: Interior Matters, organized by Kiel Moe, Associate Professor of Architecture and Energy.

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