Dreamscapes (DeepDream scaled up to Operate on Multi-Hundred Megapixel Images)

source: GoogleTechTalks      2016年5月31日
Google TechTalk, 5/23/16, Presented by Daniel Ambrosi, Joseph Smarr , and Chris Lamb

ABSTRACT (from the talk announcement): Come see digital artist Dan Ambrosi's stunning 8' x 16' (feet!) backlit "Dreamscapes" (multi-hundred megapixel 2D-stitched HDR landscapes with Google's DeepDream code applied in novel artistic ways). Hear from Dan, Google SWE Joseph Smarr and NVIDIA senior director Chris Lamb about the technical challenges we had to overcome to create them.

SPEAKER INFO: Daniel Ambrosi is based in Half Moon Bay, California. Dan has been experimenting with novel methods of visual presentation since graduating from Cornell University in 1984 (Bachelor of Architecture & Master of Science in 3D Graphics; Cornell National Scholar & Eschweiler Prize Recipient). He began his career in architecture and transitioned to high tech marketing in 1994. He has been an independent marketing consultant since 2003 and a published artist since 2011.

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