What Can Analytic and Continental Philosophers Learn From Each Other?

source: Gregory B. Sadler    2016年4月4日
In this invited lecture and discussion at Virginia Commonwealth University, I discuss the question put to me - What can Analytic and Continental philosophers learn from each other? - and several other related topics, including the Analytic-Continental divide, the history and nature of both Analytic and Continental philosophy, and the importance of what has been left out of the picture, particularly historically-focused and -based approaches in philosophy.

A handout provided in the talk: https://www.academia.edu/24026052/The...
1:09 - Introduction to the topics covered
4:53 - Preliminary Ideas about Analytic and Continental philosophy
7:44 - My own background and take on movements in philosophy
12:34 - Two analogies for the Analytic-Continental split
14:25 - Movements or approaches in philosophy left out of the picture
16:06 - How to characterize philosophy as an activity, discipline, and literature
21:52 - initial attempts to characterize Analytic and Continental philosophy
36:15 - Focusing in on Analytic philosophy
48:25 - Focusing in on Continental philosophy
59:58 - The Analytic--Continental divide and gaps within both movements
1:11:23 - Philosophers who have reached across the divide
1:13:11- What can Analytic and Continental philosophers learn from each other?
1:21:25 - What can they both learn from Historically-focused philosophers?
1:22:55 - The biggest obstacle, namely, Time
1:27:56 - General Q&A and discussion
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