The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS)

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source: Yale University    上次更新日期:2015年10月13日
This playlist features videos from faculty and guests of The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) at Yale University. Learn more about the ISPS by visiting our website, http://isps.yale.edu/

What is ISPS? 5:34
The Imprint of Congress: “How to Think About It” 1:20:55
The Imprint of Congress: “The History” 1:13:03
The Imprint of Congress: “An Assessment” 1:27:08
ISPS Center for the Study of Inequality 4:46
SHOW ME THE MONEY: How Transparency in Political Donations Could Change American Elections 1:54:27
ISPS MIDTERM 2014: Expert Perspectives and Predictions 1:09:57
How 'microtargeting' works in political advertising 7:51
ISPS Health at Yale: Improving Healthcare Delivery in America 2:11
Jacob Hacker presentation at Policy Network 33:41
Keynote Address by Larry Lessig, Harvard Law School, for the ISPS Conference on Money in Politics 1:03:51
Opening Address by Senator Chris Murphy for the ISPS Conference on Money in Politics 41:34
The Future of Medicare: Policy Options and Political Realities 1:28:38
Is American Politics Undermining the American Dream? 1:16:16
@YaleLive with Jacob Hacker, Beverly Gage, and David Bach 1:00:47
U.S. Health Care: What's at stake in this election? 7:27
Yale Experts Judge Obama's Jobs Plan 5:16
The Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America 14:05
Ethnicity and Violence in Chechnya 11:45
What's Left for the Left 59:50
This Year in Bioethics 1:03:13
Healthcare Reform: A Civil Discourse in a Turbulent Age 1:27:55
Professor Susan Hyde: International Election Monitoring 15:10
Professor Thad Dunning: Ethnic voting in Mali 14:15
Deep Issues of the 2012 Elections: Jacob Hacker 1:34:04
Jacob Hacker's 'Prosperity Economics' 2:18
Big Think Interview With Jacob Hacker 28:37
U.S. Economic Policies, in Hindsight 3:23
Jacob Hacker on Economic Inequality 7:41

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