The Feminine Mystique at 50

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source: The New School    2013年3月4日/上次更新:2014年5月11日
The Feminine Mystique at 50, a two-day symposium, and a related exhibition celebrating the anniversary of the publication of Betty Friedan's groundbreaking book. Convening leading feminist scholars, writers and activists, the conference will examine the feminist movement's past and present as well as unresolved questions about domesticity, career and family, pointing to the continuing relevance of The Feminine Mystique in 2013.

"Some American Feminists" | Film Screening and Discussion 17:32
House/Wife | The Feminine Mystique at Home 55:11
Keynote Address | Susan Ware 54:09
The Feminine Mystique: Past, Present, and Future 1:21:34
REACT: The Feminine Mystique at 50 45:39
Beyond the Book: Reverberations of Women's liberation 51:57

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