Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts (from The New School)

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source: The New School   2013年3月4日/上次更新:2014年11月14日
Creative arts therapy is rapidly gaining recognition as an essential part of health care in our society. By tapping into deeply expressive aspects of body, mind, and spirit through such modalities as music, sound, imagery, role-playing, and movement, the therapist facilitates self-actualization and healing within the therapeutic relationship. In this ongoing series of lectures and demonstrations, prominent practitioners discuss principles and practices.

Doll Making in Art Therapy | The New School  1:16:29
Writing as Listening | The New School 48:45
Kelley Linhardt | The New School for Public Engagement 50:04
Robert Landy | The New School 1:25:41
Meg Chang | The New School 1:32:14
Carol Merle-Fishman | The New School 1:49:55
Jean Gardner - Contemplative Mind in Higher Education 1:37:56
Adam Reynolds and Jeremy Segall - Language, Shame and the Body 1:23:10
Allegra Themmen - Treat Your Voice Holistically 1:32:23
Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts | The New School 1:23:39
Trauma, Creativity, and Healing | The New School 1:13:13
Arts Based Psychotherapy | The New School 1:43:10
The Musical Cure | The New School 1:21:30
The Poetic Prescription for Wellness | The New School 1:22:27
Music and the End of Life Care | The New School 1:32:41
Creative Dance & Expression | The New School 1:33:36

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