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source: Talks at Google     2016年4月1日
Communications expert Carmine Gallo talks about his new book, "The Story Tellers Secret" to teach us why some ideas stick and others don't.
While the roots of storytelling are ancient, Gallo shares the latest science that proves its impact, which only became evident in just the past decade. Neuroscientists helped us understand why the brain is hardwired for story, and why some stories trigger a rush of neurochemicals like cortisol, oxytocin, and dopamine. These elements cause people to pay attention, form empathy and feel good, helping explain why nothing moves hearts and minds like a great story.
The science of storytelling that Gallo uncovers here helps explain why:
Some TED talks go viral – and others are forgettable;
Some leaders start movements – and others miss the mark;
Some companies have high employee engagement – and others see high turnover;
Some non-profits raise millions of dollars – and other struggle;
Some job candidates stand out and others can’t persuade recruiters;
Some entrepreneurs change the world – and others don’t;
Why do we need to hone our skills at storytelling? Because the ability to package ideas into a compelling story is one of the most proven skills that makes leaders successful. The power of narrative allows messages to make a difference (and not fall on deaf ears) – is a skill as important for visionary leaders and political candidates, as it is for business leaders, professionals, parents, teachers, and job seekers.
The talk was hosted by Dave Marx. You can find out more at www.carminegallo.com .

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