Katherine Pollard: "Massive Data Sheds Light on Your Microbiome" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google   2016年1月26日
The most influential “organ” in the human body might be made up of foreign cells—six pounds worth of microorganisms. Katherine Pollard discusses how her lab at the Gladstone Institutes uses big data and high-performance computing to study the human microbiome and learn how it influences health and disease.

The human microbiome plays a role in processes as diverse as metabolism, immune function, and mental health. Yet despite the importance of this system, scientists are just beginning to uncover which microorganisms reside in and on our bodies and determine what functions they perform. The development of innovative technology and analytical methods has enabled researchers like Dr. Pollard to decode the complex interactions between our human cells and microbial brethren, and infer meaning from the staggering amounts of data 10 trillion organisms create.

Katherine Pollard, PhD, is a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes, director of the Gladstone Convergence Zone, and a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UCSF.

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