Environmental Philosophy by Shane Stroup at Inver Hills Community College

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source: Shane Stroup       上次更新:2014年5月21日
These are in no particular order. The ones listed as Env. Ethics are
from a couple of years ago and reflect different readings then those I
am currently using. The lectures listed as Environmental Philosophy are
from my current course.

Environmental Philosophy: Science, Facts, Truth, and Mythos 39:47
Environmental Philosophy: Reason, Faith, and Philosophy 33:51
Environmental Philosophy: Bugbee and Job 33:14
Environmental Ethics (Intro to Course) 50:27
Env Ethics (Bugbee and Philosophy as Lyric) Lecture notes from philosophical exploration of human flourishing. 1:01:12
Env Ethics (Bugbee and Job) 49:44
Env Ethics (Bugbee and Authenticity) 46:48
Env Ethics (Bugbee and Wonder) 38:15
Env Ethics (Bugbee and the Call) 51:23
Env Ethics (David Orr and Henry Bugbee) 49:45
Lecture on TEK (Sheep Counting) 25:12
Lecture Env. Ethics (Intro to TEK) 25:31
Lecture Env Ethics Orr Conclusion 17:11
Lecture Env. Ethics (Orr and Principles) 36:00
Lecture Env. Ethics (Orr and Education) 47:28
Lect. Week 1 Intro (Env. Ethics) 13:23
Jeff Forester Keynote Address IHCC Conference 1:36:57
Env Phil Intro to Course 35:15
Environmental Philosophy: Biocentric or Rule of Law 45:10
Environmental Philosophy: Dismal Science vs. Maldevelopment 32:16
Environmental Philosophy: What IS Value: Market vs. Use 28:16
Environmental Philosophy: The Myth of Wilderness 31:11
Environmental Philosophy: Course Summary 44:31

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