"The Borromean Knot of Jacques Lacan; Or, How to Beat Your Death Drive" ...

source: Shimer College Chicago    2015年1月19日
In this lecture Shimer College Prof. Aron Dunlap presents the elements of the basic psychic map developed by the French psychoanalyst and Freudian Jacques Lacan. Lacan called this map a Borromean knot, because of its three interlocking rings--the registers of the Symbolic, Imaginary and Real--which he represented by an image reminiscent of the coat of arms of the Italian Borromeo family. In many ways Lacan's Borromean knot is centered around the disabling fact of death, represented in the objet petit a, but a later conception of Lacan, that of the sinthome, allows a more redemptive portrayal of human psychic destiny. Professor Dunlap illuminates these concepts through a discussion of Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors, a painting which powerfully conveys the glories of Renaissance learning, the inescapable specter of death, and the half-hidden hope of the cross.

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