Slavoj Zizek | Vote: For Hegel | Full Film

source: Zizekian Studies    2016年1月26日
Zizek claims that we need to repeat Hegel (not return) and reinterpret Hegel as a dialectical materialist and not an idealist of absolute knowing. How can we use Hegel to traverse the ideological fantasy and act in accordance to the truth of an event? How do we overcome subservience to a market system that dictates our ethical discourse?
For Hegel, Žižek posits, the spirit is the wound of nature- it derails every natural balance, but it is at the time spirit itself that heals its own wound. In his lecture, Žižek will expand upon this Hegelian perspective to consider its philosophical, theological, and political implications: Why is the Fall a happy occurrence? How does permissiveness turn into oppression? Why does only the most brutal capitalist alienation open up the possibility for freedom?

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