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source: Talks at Google    2016年2月12日
We were lucky to be joined in London by Janice Kaplan, who talked about her journey of gratitude, and how to find the positives in life when you might be having a difficult day.

About the book:
It's easy to look at others and think how lucky they are, and sometimes finding the positives in our own lives can be hard. Success is often measured in tangible ways, and as we strive to achieve more and get more, we forget that it's often the simple things that can bring us the most joy. After reading about how expressing gratitude for the little things can be incredibly powerful and affect our lives in profound ways, Janice Kaplan decided to spend a year living gratefully and find out whether being grateful really does offer a new path to happiness.
Her experiences of living gratefully will be anchored by intriguing research findings, as well as in-depth interviews with real people, those in public life, and neuroscientists and experts in the field, including Dr Martin Seligman and Dr Robert Emmons, the world's leading scientific expert on gratitude.
Recounted with warmth and humour, this story-filled memoir will inspire readers to reflect on the true meaning of gratitude, and provide them with a structure and context for making significant changes in every aspect of their lives. For not only can gratitude make you more honest, courageous and generous; research has shown that it can also improve overall health and reduce stress and depression.
About Janice ( @janicekaplan2 ) -
Janice Kaplan graduated from Yale University and won Yale's Murray Fellowship for writing. She is best-known as Editor-in-Chief of Parade. Her own cover stories gain worldwide attention including interviews with stars from Matt Damon to President Barack Obama. She is the author of twelve books, including I'll See You Again which spent six weeks in the New York Times bestseller list.
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