Dr. Kate Granger: "#hellomynameis" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google    2016年2月1日
Dr Kate Granger visited Google's office in Mountain View, CA to discuss her work on the #hellomynameis campaign, whilst facing a terminal illness and continuing her work as a doctor.

During a hospital stay in the summer of 2013, she made the stark observation that many staff looking after her did not introduce themselves before delivering care. This felt very wrong to Kate, so encouraged and supported by her husband, she decided to start the #hellomynameis campaign to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in the delivery of care. During this talk, Kate will speak to the power of social media to drive change in our world and her experiences driving the #hellomynameis campaign.

Dr Kate Granger is a Consultant at Pinderfields Hospital in Yorkshire, in the UK. She was struck down with terminal cancer 4 years ago at the age of just 29 and has defied the odds by still being here today, as well as being able to work part time as a doctor. She has also raised over $270,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre through the writing of two books amongst other things and changing both the NHS and global healthcare through a campaign called #hellomynameis. Her healthcare work has reaped many accolades including an MBE, an honorary doctorate, two fellowships from different royal colleges, a president’s medal, and various inspirational awards along with a woman of achievement award.
Hosted by Deirdre McIntyre

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