Badiou's Ethics: From Theory of the Subject to the Ethics Daniel Tutt (GCAS)

source: Daniel Tutt    2014年12月1日
Lecture on Badiou's ethics by Daniel Tutt, Global Center for Advanced Studies (https://globalcenterforadvancedstudie...).
Overview of Seminar:
Politics, Psychoanalysis and the Subject
In this seminar, we will focus on Badiou’s political and ethical thought in the context of his larger re­formulation of philosophical categories of truth, the subject, universality and logic. Beginning with Badiou’s early, and politically charged philosophical text, Theory of the Subject and on through to his more recent texts on ethics and politics, including St. Paul, the Ethics, this seminar will place Badiou’s politics in relation to the larger turn to political ontology in continental philosophy. The seminar will compare and contrast Badiou’s political and ethical thought in with his contemporaries Deleuze, Derrida, Nancy, Žižek, Meillassoux and Rancière. It will take special focus on Badiou’s political break with Lacan in Theory of the Subject and trace the consequences of this political break with psychoanalysis and its relation to Badiou’s unique theory of the subject. Badiou’s ongoing debates with Žižek, Miller and the larger field of post­-Lacanian thought will also be examined in relation to concepts such as the psychoanalytic institution, the drives, politics and desire.

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