Rick Roderick: The Self Under Siege: Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (1993)

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source: The Partially Examined Life     2012年1月25日
For more information, see http://www.rickroderick.org

Rick Roderick on The Masters of Suspicion [full length] 48:03
Rick Roderick on Heidegger - The Rejection of Humanism [full length] 44:52
Rick Roderick on Sartre - The Road to Freedom [full length] 39:58
Rick Roderick on Marcuse - One-Dimensional Man [full length] 45:23
Rick Roderick on Habermas - The Fragile Dignity of Humanity [full length] 47:34
Rick Roderick on Foucault - The Disappearance of the Human [full length] 45:47
Rick Roderick on Derrida - The Ends of Man [full length] 44:13
Rick Roderick on Baudrillard - Fatal Strategies [full length] 48:03

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