Introduction to Political Theory by Robert Glover at the U of Maine

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POS 201-Intro to Political Theory
These videos are the lectures for the online course POS 201-Intro to Political Theory a course taught in the Political Science Department at the University of Maine.

Lecture 0-Course Logistics 18:39
Lecture 1-Political Theory and Political Science 53:36
Lecture 2-The Theorist as Gadfly and the Question of Obedience 57:38
Lecture 3-The Meaning of Justice, The Division of the Soul & Society 1:13:10
Lecture 4-Social Org. of the Just Society, Allegory of the Cave, Rule of the Just 1:32:59
Lecture 5-Machiavelli and the Dawn of Political Theory 1:24:17
Lecture 6-Hobbes & Locke, Liberalism, Natural Rights, Consent 1:36:30
Lecture 7: Adam Smith and the Philosophical Foundations of Capitalism 1:23:25
Lecture 8-Marx & Engels, Critiquing Capitalism & a Program For Socialist Revolution 1:24:05
Lecture 9-Utopian Political Thought, Intro to Looking Backward 1:15:10
Lecture 10-Utopian Political Thought, Bellamy's Post-Capitalist Vision 1:20:06
Lecture 11-Feminist Political Visions 59:12
Lecture 12-Foucault-The Genealogy of Power and Regimes of Truth 50:27

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