The God Delusion Weekend Lectures (U of Oxford)

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source: University of Oxford     上次更新日期:2014年6月12日
Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion has been a run away best seller. It has stimulated global debate, not always very charitable, about whether Dawkins is right to say that it is probably the case that God does not exist. During this weekend philosophers Marianne Talbot and Stephen Law will discuss the debate from a philosophical point of view. What are Dawkins' arguments? Are they good arguments? Are they conclusive arguments? Where does the debate about God's existence stand now?

1. A Scientific Hypothesis? 1:29:58
2. The Strengths and Weaknesses of The God Delusion 1:26:23
3. Has Dawkins shown that God is Redundant? 1:08:33
4. Attacking the God hypothesis in other ways 1:12:35
5. The God Delusion: Questions and Answers 1:14:53

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