Structuralism, Saussurian Linguistics and Literary Study by Benjamin Hagen

source: Benjamin Hagen     2014年2月17日
This set of video lectures supplements my Spring 2014 section of ENG 201: Principles of Literary Study. This third set of lectures covers "Structuralism" and the relation between Saussurian linguistics (the foundation of structuralism as an intellectual movement) and the study of literature.

1. Structuralism and Saussure--This specific installment covers Saussure's basic concepts and insights into the study of language. I cover his distinctions between "langue" and "parole," "synchronic" and "diachronic" investigation, as well as his influential anatomy of "the sign."

2. Structuralist Criticism and Poetics--This specific installment covers Jonathan Culler's and Robert Dale Parker's accounts of the implications and consequences of structural linguistics for literary study.

3. Formalism, Structuralism, and 3 Articles on Mrs. Dalloway--This last installment covers the three articles we read on Virginia Woolf's /Mrs. Dalloway/, using the competing positions of an ideal New Critic and an ideal Structuralist as a context for evaluating how the scholars go about approaching the novel.
# Lecture on Saussure from my ENG 378 course on Postmodern Literature and Theory:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuZeAP...

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