A Law Student's Toolkit (Yale University)

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Whether you are an advanced law student looking to review the basics, or an aspiring law student looking for head start, this course will help you build the foundation you will need to succeed in law school and beyond.
This course will introduce you to terminology, concepts, and tools lawyers and legal academics use to make their arguments. It will help you follow these arguments—and make arguments of your own.
The course consists of a series of short lectures and assignments. A reading list complements each lesson, providing you with a roadmap to help you explore the subject matter more deeply on your own. Although the lessons may cross-reference each other, they are modular in nature: you should feel free to approach them in whatever order fits your schedule, interests, and needs.

Introduction 6:36
Rules vs Standards 5:10
Normative vs. Positive 6:37
Ex Ante vs. Ex Post 15:12
The Two-by-Two Box 8:25
Default vs. Mandatory Rules 14:01
Paternalism vs. Externalities: Limiting Contractual Freedom 4:58
Property Rules vs. Liability Rules 8:59
Hofeld's Theory of Rights vs. Privileges 4:45
Exit and Voice 4:25
Acoustic Separation 2:53
The Coase Theorem 7:25
Least Cost Avoider 2:52
Marginalism 8:03
Wars and Panics 3:33
Uncertainty vs. Risk 5:08
Rawlsian Veil of Ignorance 4:52
Behavioral Biases 5:31
Search, Experience and Credence Goods 4:28
Information Rules 9:58
Famous Paradoxes and Dilemmas 19:04
Standard of Review 6:48
Burdens of Proof 9:35
Enforcing Monetary Judgments 9:55
Substance vs. Procedure 4:11
Ad Hominem and Slippery Slope Arguments 9:32
Objection! Non-Responsive 7:03
Objection! Assumes a Fact Not in Evidence 4:44
Tools to Read a Statute 10:04
Tools to Read a Brief 6:32
Tools to Excel in Class 7:39
Tools for Improving Your Grades on Law Exams 7:36
Postscript 4:55

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