Sustainable Living: Environment 185A, UCLA

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Course Description
Environment 185A: Sustainable Living is a sub-division of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP). ESLP is a student designed, student developed, and student facilitated program offered through the Institute of the Environment. The Speaker Series brings guest speakers from UCLA and across the country to speak on specialized subjects including food systems, green business, organic gardens, sustainable living, the green economy, environmental justice and transportation. Speakers range from authors, professors, community activists, environmentalists, for and non-profit business representatives, and government officials.
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Lec 1, Environment 185A, UCLA 1:19:06
Lec 2a, Environment 185A, UCLA 37:28
Lec 2b, Environment 185A, UCLA 49:43
Lec 3, Environment 185A, UCLA 45:48
Lec 4a, Environment 185A, UCLA 1:39:16
Lec 4b, Environment 185A, UCLA 26:07
Lec 5a, Environment 185A, UCLA 46:55
Lec 5b, Environment 185A, UCLA 33:41
Lec 7, Environment 185A, UCLA 51:52
Lec 8, Environment 185A, UCLA 36:45

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