Probability for Math Science (Fall 2008)--Herbert Enderton / UCLA

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A math course for life science majors covering elementary probability, probability distributions, random variables, and limit theorems.
Lecturer: Herbert Enderton, Ph.D., Harvard University. Dr. Enderton is Logic Colloquim Chairman for the UCLA Logic Center -- http://www.logic.ucla.edu/.
UCLA course Probability for Life Science, Math 3C, Fall 2008
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The American Mathematical Society honored UCLA's math department and its "first-rate faculty of internationally recognized mathematicians" with the 2007 Award for an Exemplary Program or Achievement in a Mathematics Department.
UCLA's department is "an outstanding model of all that a mathematics department can be," the society declared, adding that "UCLA has become one of the biggest pipelines to mathematical careers in the United States."
More than 1,000 scholars a year participate in programs that bring together mathematicians and scientists from the fields of biology, the physical sciences, medicine, engineering and others, as well as from industry and national laboratories.

Lecture 1, Math 3C, UCLA 44:25
Lecture 2, Math 3C, UCLA 48:56
Lecture 3, Math 3C, UCLA 51:54
Lecture 4, Math 3C, UCLA 49:35
Lecture 5, Math 3C, UCLA 49:3
Lecture 6, Math 3C, UCLA 48:59
Lecture 7, Math 3C, UCLA 38:53
Lecture 8, Math 3C, UCLA 50:02
Lecture 9, Math 3C, UCLA 49:36
Lecture 10, Math 3C, UCLA 51:18
Lecture 11, Math 3C, UCLA 40:42
Lecture 12, Math 3C, UCLA 41:19
Lecture 13, Math 3C, UCLA 43:50
Lecture 14, Math 3C, UCLA 47:04
Lecture 15, Math 3C, UCLA 51:24
Lecture 16, Math 3C, UCLA 50:19
Lecture 17, Math 3C, UCLA 51:22
Lecture 18, Math 3C, UCLA 49:08
Lecture 19, Math 3C, UCLA 49:40
Lecture 20, Math 3C, UCLA 48:01
Lecture 21, Math 3C, UCLA 53:09
Lecture 22, Math 3C, UCLA 49:50
Lecture 23, Math 3C, UCLA 40:44
Lecture 24, Math 3C, UCLA 49:16
Lecture 25, Math 3C, UCLA 48:30
Lecture 26, Math 3C, UCLA 49:01
Lecture 27, Math 3C, UCLA 44:12
Lecture 28, Math 3C, UCLA 45:20

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