Asian Science Camp 2012 (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

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source: Hebrew University of Jerusalem  上次更新日期:2012年9月13日

Prof. Dorit Aharonov | Quantum computation 56:43
Prof. Benjamin Geiger | How do living cells sense the environment? 58:07
Prof. Re'em Sari | Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems 1:11:43
Prof. Roger D Kornberg | Bridge to the Future 1:21:04
Prof. Makoto Kobayashi | Development of Particle Physics 1:16:19
Prof. Yuan T Lee | Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Photochemical Processes 55:36
Prof. Yaacov Michlin | From science to business 36:35
Prof. NIssim Benbenishti | Human embryonic stem cells 1:10:16
Prof. Howard (Haim) Sider | The footnotes of life 1:04:23
Prof. David Avnir | The Long Route from Basic Science to an Exporting Company 1:11:57
Prof. Micha Asscher | Energy problems addressed by surface science approach 1:18:18
Prof. Isaiah (Shy) Arkin | Membrane transport, theory and experimentation 1:06:27
Prof. Ady Stern | From quantum mechanics to nano-electronics 1:12:13
Prof. Hermona Soreq | Anxiety and the immune system 1:06:38
Prof. Aaron Ciechanover | The Personalized Medicine Revolution 1:17:10
Prof. Robert J. Aumann | War and Peace 1:20:58
Prof. Yuan T. Lee | Science, Technology and Sustainable Development of Human 1:35:22
Prof. Idan Segev | The blue brain 1:05:26

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