A Romp Through Ethics for Complete Beginners--Marianne Talbot / U of Oxford

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source: University of Oxford     上次更新日期:2014年6月12日
Slides here: http://media.podcasts.ox.ac.uk/conted...

(1/7) moral dilemmas, moral truth and moral knowledge, freewill and determinism 1:33:25
(2/7) the preconditions of ethical reasoning and a comparison between the law of the land and the moral law 1:18:55
(3/7) Aristotle's account of morality and the centrality of the virtues in this account 1:22:25
(4/7) Hume's account of morality and his rejection of reason as the source of morality 1:27:43
(7/7) bring together all the strands we've considered 1:21:45
(6/7) Mill's account of morality, and the greatest happiness of the greatest number 1:30:39
(5/7)  Kant's account of morality, including the categorical imperative 1:28:59

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