Martin Scorsese - Personal Journey Through American Cinema (1995)

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"Film is a disease, when it infects your blood stream is takes over as the number one hormone, it plays Iago to your psyche, and as with heroin the antidote to film is more film." Frank Capra
14 Part documentary - A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies (1995).
Martin Scorsese is a master craftsman in the art of cinema with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Movies. It is a pleasure to hear his views on early American cinema where his love of the silverscreen was awakened and "coloured his dreams". I am sure he could talk of cinema from any country in the world just as intelligently and passionately.
This personal journey through the films that have shaped this great auteur of cinema is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to go beyond the screen and behind the camera. A 14 part film studies course that you can take from anywhere in the world and learned from again and again.
I have also created a companian playlist which contains the movies Scorsese refers to in his Journey - they can be watched in: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7K7UEvDonQ0Y_f0jn...

1 Intro  10:46
2 Director's Dilemma 11:29
3 Storyteller 7:09
4 Western 16:15
5 Gangster Film 10:33
6 Musical  15:07
7 Illusionist P1 30:02
8 Illusionist P2 14:55
 9 Smuggler Part 1 31:56
10 Smuggler Part 2 16:46
11 Iconoclast P1 18:54
12 Iconoclast P2 4:39
13 Iconoclast P3 21:32
14 Conclusion 4:16

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