Communication skills for medicine-training--Victoria Tischler / U of Nottingham

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source: University of Nottingham     上次更新日期:2014年5月4日
This playlist contains a number of simulated doctor-patient consultations which take place in a primary care context. The scenarios demonstrate both good and poor communication in medical practice and are intended to be used in the teaching of medical students and other healthcare professionals.
1) Verbal Communication
     a) Full version
     b) with Calgary Cambridge framework identified
     c) with subtitles identifying different types of communication
2) Non Verbal Communication
     a) Consultation 1 (2 versions)
     b) Consultation 2 (2 versions)
3) Communication using an interpreter
4) Communication with child patients
     a) version 1
     b) version 2
5) Explanation Skills
Produced by Dr Victoria Tischler - Division of Psychiatry - Behavioural Sciences, The University of Nottingham Medical School

verbal communication - version 2 of 2 10:50
verbal communication - version 1 of 2 10:51
verbal communication - full version 10:23
Non-verbal communication consultation full version 11:58
Non-verbal communication consultation - version 2 of 2 1:48
Non-verbal communication: consultation - version 1 of 2 2:25
explanation Skills 8:06
communication using an interpreter 15:28
communication with child patients version 2 6:55
communication with child patients version 1 2:59

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