The Atmosphere (Spring 2014)--Julie Ferguson / UC Irvine

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Earth System Science 5: The Atmosphere (Spring 2014)
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Description: The composition and circulation of the atmosphere with a focus on explaining the fundamentals of weather and climate. Topics include solar and terrestrial radiation, clouds, and weather patterns.

UC Irvine OpenCourseWare 0:22
Lec 01. The Atmosphere: Composition and Evolution of the Atmosphere 31:10
Lec 02. The Atmosphere: Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere 1:02:00
Lec 03. The Atmosphere: Solar Radiation and the Seasons 1:06:46
Lec 04. The Atmosphere: Global Energy Balance and Temperature 1:02:
Lec 05. The Atmosphere: Factors Affecting Local Temperatures 1:04:20
Lec 06. The Atmosphere: Pressure and Winds 1:13:27
Lec 07. The Atmosphere: Atmospheric Moisture 1:03:21
Lec 08. The Atmosphere: Cloud Development and Forms 1:00:47
Lec 09. The Atmosphere: Precipitation Processes 1:03:05
Lec 10. The Atmosphere: Atmospheric Circulation 1:00:37
Lec. 11. The Atmosphere: Ocean Interactions 1:13:26
Lec. 12. The Atmosphere: Wind Systems, Air Masses, and Fronts 1:08:54
Lec. 13. The Atmosphere: Mid- Latitude Cyclones 57:28
Lec. 14. The Atmosphere: Lightning, Thunderstorms and Tornadoes 56:47
Lec. 15. The Atmosphere: Hurricanes 1:05:51
Lec. 16. Climates 1:04:20
Lec. 17. The Atmosphere: Earth's Past Climates 1:04:23
Lec. 18. The Atmosphere: Earth's Climate Today 1:13:51
Lec. 19.The Atmosphere: Earth's Future Climate 1:10:34